Electrical Outlets

Service Overview

Whether you need a new electrical outlet installation or electrical outlet repair for your home or office, Affiliated Electric is fully licensed to perform whatever type of electrical outlet services you may need.

We can help you install a new outlet into any room of your home or office. Give us a call today and let our friendly, well trained electricians get the job done right.

Many homes and office buildings were constructed before a lot of the newer electrical appliances and accessories were even invented. 

Upgrading Your Electrical Outlets

Upgrading your electrical outlets may be necessary before you can use many new appliances, fax machines, copiers, servers, computers, air conditioning units and much more.

We are trained to perform and repair or installation on electrical outlets, including the following:

Do you need to fix a broken electrical outlet?

Need a new electrical outlet?

Do you need to upgrade old electrical outlets?

We are fully licensed, experienced, and we guarantee all of our work! 

Contact us today to schedule an estimate!