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Electrical Inspections in Dallas and all surrounding areas!

Electrical Safety Inspection – Home Electrical Inspection

Affiliated Electric provides electrical inspection for homes and commercial electrical inspections. Electrical safety inspections for new homes, older homes, new office buildings, old office buildings, and all residential and commercial properties.

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We offer a FREE 12 point electrical safety inspection of your home or office to ensure that there are no further problems with your electrical system. We have prevented many hazards with our electrical safety check service, so this is why we have decided to make it free to our customers.

Electrical Safety Inspection Services

Electrical System Inspection
Electrical System Safety
Fuse Panel Inspections
Breaker Box Inspections
Electrical Outlets Testing
Electrical Wiring Inspection
Old Wiring Inspections
Ceiling Fan Wiring
Chandelier Wiring
Surge Protection Safety
Pool Circuit Inspection
Spa Circuit Inspection
Home Electrical Inspection
New Home Electrical Inspections
Realtor Safety Inspections
Industrial Electrical Systems
Electrical Lighting Inspection
Generator Safety Check


Is Your Home Electrically Safe?


The leading cause of all fires in a home or office are related to electrical hazards that could have been easily prevented.

If you live in an older home, or perhaps have just moved into a new home, you want to ensure that you, your family, and all of your belongings remain safe.

Does your home have on of the following? If your home has any of the following breaker panels, your home is at risk: Zynsco, Federal Pacific, or Sylvania

See if your home is safe at Electrical Panel Safety

Let Affiliated Electric inspect your home or office today!

Services Overview

Affiliated Electric 12 Point Safety Inspection
Affiliated Electric General Electric Repairs
Affiliated Electric Breaker Box Replacements
Affiliated Electric Electrical Upgrades
Affiliated Electric New Outlets
Affiliated Electric Wiring
Affiliated Electric Pool and Spa Circuits
Affiliated Electric Old Wiring Repairs
Affiliated Electric Ceiling Fans
Affiliated Electric Chandeliers
Affiliated Electric Surge Protection
Affiliated Electric Home Theater Wiring
Affiliated Electric Realtor/Home Inspection
Affiliated Electric Internet / Cable Wiring
Affiliated Electric Phone Wiring
Affiliated Electric Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
Affiliated Electric Security Lighting
Affiliated Electric Generators